What is the difference between a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless keyboard?

1. Different connection methods

Bluetooth keyboard: wireless transmission through the Bluetooth protocol, and Bluetooth communication within an effective range (within 10m).

Wireless Keyboard: Transmits input to a specially made receiver via infrared or radio waves.

2. Different signal reception methods

Bluetooth keyboard: Receives signals via the built-in Bluetooth unit.

Wireless keyboard: Receive signals through externally plugged receivers.

Bluetooth Features:

Works in the ISM band (2.4G Hz)

1. There are many applicable devices of Bluetooth technology, no cables are required, and computers and telecommunications are connected to the Internet for communication through wireless.

2. The working frequency band of Bluetooth technology is universal and suitable for unlimited use by users around the world.

3. Bluetooth technology has strong security and anti-interference ability. Because Bluetooth technology has the function of frequency hopping, it can effectively avoid the interference source in the ISM band.

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